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Learning a New Language in 5 Easy Steps

Today, learning a new language is one of the most valuable skills you can add to your international toolkit. Get 5 tips for getting started on the path to learning a new language.


Idioms: A linguistic Journey Across Cultures

Idiomatic expressions are curious in their function within language as they mean more than what each word denotes. Even if idioms are metaphorical and figurative, once understood they serve as a palpable and distinct feature of any language. They allow the speaker to express themselves, articulating certain sentiments without explicitly saying so. Furthermore, they offer …


Tricks for Mastering a Foreign Language

Most people would agree that one of the most visible elements of culture is language.  Language barriers can be a major hurdle for expats taking on new assignments and for companies working with overseas partners and customers.  In either of these situations, mastery of a common language is often the first thing people notice.  For expats, …


Language Differences between British and American English

Culture may seem like a very visual concept, with emphasis often put on clothing, food, or historical landmarks, but culture goes much deeper than this. One way culture breaks through the barrier into the intangible is through language. Because the United States of America and England both speak English, many would assume that the cultures …


L’Italiano Una Bella Lingua!

“Bravo”, “ciao”, “arrivederci” you don’t have to be in Italy to understand what someone is saying to you. These are all words most of us not only understand but possibly even use in conversation.


Communicating Effectively with Non-Native English Speakers

If you can read this sentence with ease, then you might be one of many who take communicating in English for granted. Not only is English the second most spoken language in the world, impressively, but it is also the most widely used language on the internet and the most commonly used platform for business and …