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Breakfast Around the World


Experts say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Your first meal provides the nutrients and energy needed to start your day and function earlier in the morning. When traveling or moving abroad, it is important to realize that common breakfast foods in your host country may be greatly different than what you are used to at home.  So join us as we take a take a tour of breakfast foods around the world. 

In America, the staple food would be pancakes or waffles with eggs and breakfast meat, either bacon or breakfast sausage. typical-american-breakfast

While in Germany or France, breakfast would include sausage, cheese, toast, and croissants. French-breakfast

Now if this still seems familiar to you, try heading to Asia where breakfast is similar to lunch and dinner. In Thailand, as in many Asian countries, a popular breakfast dish includes minty, spicy fish a sweet and spicy meat, served with rice.  Breakfast could also consist of soups, rice porridge, and vegetables. Eggs will sometimes be incorporated into the meal, but this is a new meal trend in some areas. Korean breakfast

Breakfast durations and portions may differ in every region. In the Middle East, breakfast could be a falafel, a piece of bread and tea or coffee, or maybe even just a piece of fruit. In Egypt, for example, breakfast includes fava beans, chickpeas, garlic, lemon, egg, and maybe some vegetables. This dish is called Foul Madamas. Egypt-breakfast (1)

In India, just as you might expect, breakfast is filled with spices and flavors. Rosemary potatoes, scrambled tofu, lentils, vegetables, and banana pepper toast can all be found for breakfast. breakfast in india

In Ghana, the most popular breakfast might be waakye. The dish includes rice cooked in beans and is sold by many street vendors.ghana breakfast

A popular dish across the large country of Uganda is katogo. It is made by combining green bananas in a beef stew or a vegetable sauce. Uganda

Heading back to the other side of the world, we would find fry jacks as a staple in Belize. These are deep-fried pieces of dough that can be served as a savory dish with beans and eggs, or as a sweet dish with honey. belize_breakfast_fryjacks

Our last stop, Mexico has some spicier options. Huevos rancheros and migas are popular choices. Both dishes include egg, tortilla, and salsa.breakfast-mexico

With so many delicious breakfast options worldwide, don’t be afraid to break out of your comfort zone when you are abroad. Breakfast may be simple or complex, but it is always a smart choice to start your day.