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Significant Immigration Law and Process Updates

Following countries made some significant changes in their immigration laws and policies that came into effect as of July 1, 2013. Croatia joined the European Union as the 28th member state today. However, Croatian nationals will face some work restriction in some European Union countries. China implemented a new Entry-Exit Law that affects the existing visa types …


Saudi Arabia Changes Work Week

On June 29, 2013, a decree from King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia took effect. The decree states that the official weekend will be moved from Thursday-Friday to Friday-Saturday. The new weekend days are expected to facilitate international transactions and bring many economic advantages. Consider how this will impact your travel arrangements. Consider how this will alter your …


Portugal: A European Treasure

Everyone has heard of Portugal, yet it is not the most popular of vacation getaways. Who are the Portuguese, and what is their country about?


Chinese Weddings: The History Behind Them

China is a fascinating place where East meets West. No place is this more apparent than in Shanghai, a bustling center of commerce in the east. The architecture of Shanghai’s waterfront bund district is more reminiscent of Chicago’s Michigan Avenue than of an oriental city. However, in other areas, Shanghai has preserved the traditional flavor in …


Living and Working in Latin America

Dr. Ana Gazarian and Priscila Monatana cowrote an article on Latin America for the July 2009 issue of Mobility Magazine. With its vast reserves of natural resources, Latin America is an economically significant region. With a history of trade with Western countries since the era of colonization, as well as the vast majority of countries …


CAI Recieved Two 2012 International Global Awards

CAI selected as Relocation Expert Firm of the Year in Chile and Relocation Expert Firm of the Year in Argentina by Corporate International Magazine.

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