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Year of the Dog


It is that time of year again; Lunar New Year is upon us. 2018 is the Year of the Dog, which is part of the 12-year animal zodiac cycle. For more information, read here.

More than one billion people around the world are preparing to celebrate. Although Lunar New Year has its roots in the ancient Chinese lunar calendar with records dating back to the 14 Century B.C.E., today it is a significant holiday in many parts of Asia and the rest of the world.

People throughout the Korean Peninsula, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Taiwan, Mauritius, Malaysia, and the Philippines are preparing for Friday, February 16, 2018. Also, diasporic communities in the United States, Australia, and across Europe commemorate with various traditional festivities.

Usually, Lunar New Year begins with the new moon and lasts 15 days.The arrival of the full moon culminates with the Festival of Lanterns, fireworks, firecrackers, bell ringing, lion and dragon dancing.

Traditionally, this is a time to spend with family and loved ones honoring both deities and ancestors. Families throughout the world prepare their homes with a ritualistic cleaning to ward off negative energy. Many decorate their homes with both flowers and potted plants, in particular orchids or peonies, which are considered felicitous. Various fruits also adorn homes, alters, and temples. Red is ubiquitous and symbolizes good fortune.

Moreover, this major holiday marks one of the most significant annual human migration as millions travel to join their families in a multigenerational celebration and Reunion Dinner where a variety of homemade dishes are served including fish, oranges, and noodles which denote health and wealth for the upcoming new year.

To everyone who celebrates we wish you all a very happy Year of the Dog!