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Traveling While on Assignment: On or Off the Beaten Path


After being assigned abroad and working for some time, you might find yourself itching to venture out and explore your new surroundings. Every country has highlights and places to go, but we’ve all been there after a long day of traveling: exhausted, stressed, hungry, and just ready to sleep.  But nothing is worse than discovering your hotel is dirty or your hostel mates are anti-sleep cycles. However, you aren’t limited to this type of suffering.  Recently Trip Advisor released a list highlighting some of the best places to stay worldwide.

If you find your new life in India, then Umaid travelingBahawan Palace Jodhpur stands at the top of the places to go. Though India has a wide array of living conditions, the palace reigns for its intricate architecture and lush grounds. One can imagine that such a grand place would include any and all amenities that could be desired: A spa, sports rooms, pools, and more. But it comes at a cost, with an average of over $700 dollars per night.  If you’re wanting to experience the absolute extravagance of India, the Palace is for you…just don’t expect to do it on a budget.

travelingSome of you may find yourselves stationed in Europe, and lucky for you traveling is often very easy between many of the European countries. If you work your way over to Greece, Afitos holds both an excellent and affordable hotel for those looking at a European adventure. For roughly $100 a night, one can experience a perfect blend of nature and European design at the Achtis Hotel.  The hotel is a short walk from the heart of the village and there are plenty of beaches to explore, however…

…if you’re looking for beaches, Maldives is the place to be. travelingA disappearing nation, Maldives is made up of 1,190 islands and is slowly facing the woes of erosion and climate change. Mirihi Island Resort is the top place to stay in Maldives. Maldives in a country steeped in rich culture coupled with religious undertones, as it adheres to Sunni Islam for its state religion. All are welcome and though it’s largely seen a tourist location, it’s a great destination for both work and traveling. But be quick—it’s won’t be around much longer!

Of course, when navigating internationally it’s always best to experience as much of the local culture as possible. Many of us at CAI have both travelled and lived abroad and we can tell you that sometimes the best stories, experiences, and friendships happen at the run-down hotel or the last-minute hostel. Enjoy the best, but don’t be afraid to explore the unknown.