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“I just wanted to let you know how much your help meant to me when we were getting our global services effort going so many years ago. You and Gerry were fabulous and your expertise gave me great comfort and confidence for our clients. My very best regards and well wishes to you and the Cultural Awareness team for much continued success.”
~John Green (retired Paragon)

“…we chose to work only with CAI due to their practical approach and their proven ability to deliver results. Whilst the major elements of the relocation were exceptionally well handled the most impressive thing was the way in which relatively small details were taken care of. The follow through was exceptional and the family continued to receive support for a good period after our move..”
~ Senior Vice President, International Corporation

“Spouse support came from an experienced professional…it was concise, informative, and productive.”

“I believe top management should follow this course as compulsory. Knowing what I know now, many mistakes are being made. Due to many “thinking” they know the culture without having followed the course.”
~Project Engineering Manager, Consumer Products Co.

“Excellent. I feel it was an excellent mix of presenting a definite menu of information, while at the same time allowing for participants’ questions/concerns. I like the handouts – lots of material – readable and practical references. Overall, very helpful!
~Mexico, Executive Security Briefing

“I feel confident that we will have a smooth transition. Your thorough detail skills were quite impressive.”
~CG, Venezuela

“It has been my honor to have had the support from CAI for more than 10 years. In today’s environment long standing relationships with suppliers is not the norm however having CAI as a supplier was effortless. They provide consistent outstanding support evidenced by exceptional employee feedback and my own experiences with them as a vendor manager so I highly recommend CAI. You will not regret it!”
~Yvonne Bosson, Texas Instruments Global Mobility Manager

“The comprehensive nature of the service was such that I was able to continue working until the day before my departure from the UK and start working within a few days of arriving in the US.”
~Vice President, International Pharmaceutical Corporation

“When it was time to house hunt I had complete confidence that my family needs were understood and would be met.”
~AW, Philippines

“When this (re-entry) shock does occur as it does for everyone in some form or another it can make you feel extremely unsettled and often, so insecure and inadequate, that it can spark a veritable emotional chain of reactions.”
~Author Robin Pascoe, excerpt from Homeward Bound

“Cultural Awareness International assisted us in identifying and selecting the ideal international candidate. The Selection and Assessment process prevented the costly mistake of choosing the wrong expatriate and family to send on assignment.”
~Human Resources Director, International Corporation

“Excellent communication and attention to detail. We felt like we were in the hands of true professionals throughout the process – from surveying our household items overseas, to the packing, shipping and delivery to our new home in the US. Even a short delay, caused by a customs strike overseas, did not generate any problems. Our household goods were received on time and in good order.”
~Executive, Hi-Tech Company, Dallas

“A big thanks to CAI for the excellent delivery of services – a real example of customer satisfaction.”
~DN Dallas

“CAI has been a great support with finding the right schools for our children and it gave us a safer feeling, knowing that there was always somebody to call and contact with problems.”
~Inpatriate, Dallas