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Diverse Identities Within Borders

We often think of a country’s border as a defined albeit arbitrary demarcation of culture, language, traditions, mores, and values. A germane question to ask, considering the recent unrest in Catalonia surrounding an independence referendum from Spain is: what exactly is national identity? How do we define and understand it? What are the parameters and …


5 Ways To Manage Expatriation Risk

In our increasingly globalized world, international businesses seek to fill their organizational needs by strategically shifting corporate talent from one place to another. However, a substantial percentage of international assignees fail to meet their company’s objectives. The high cost of relocating talent – and the high expectations resting on the shoulders of these talented women …


The Power of the Passport

All it really takes is one small book that fits in the palm of your hand to send you to far-off lands, new assignments, great adventures, and fascinating cultures. This small book, the passport, wields enormous power. A passport can limit or free you from the direst circumstances.


Ripples and Tides of the Bold Brexit

Brexit.  The common slang term uttered as of late signifies a major shift that may occur within the European Union: the U.K. is voting on whether to leave it. The U.K. has contemplated leaving the EU for some time, though only recently have the calls for this type of reform been so loud. There is …


Cricket World Cup 2015

Cricket is a widely popular sport mostly associated with the UK and countries that were at some point under British rule.  This year, the Cricket World Cup includes some unlikely teams.  Afghanistan for one, a team made up of Afghanis and Pakistanis, made its debut onto the world stage this year.  While their fight is …


Talking Politics, British Style

So closely tied in history and philosophy, so interwoven culturally, and of course, “divided by a common language” (to borrow from George Bernard Shaw), one can too quickly overlook the differences between the UK and the USA. This runs in spades when it comes to politics. Differences in the nature of government and in how …