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Security Briefing

Cultural Awareness International has developed a partnership with a major security firm in order to provide Personal Security Training to its clients. Our partner company has 36 offices around the world and beyond that, a network of local contacts including government, police, NGOs, banking, media, and law to draw upon and bring further perspective to client work.


Having a personal security awareness training program is among the most effective measures an organization can take to meet its duty of care for employees travelling to or settling in as expatriates in a new environment. The program is tailored to support all aspects of work at the office, travel, and overseas operations / postings. It offers strategies for assessing risks and key threats in the areas, countries, or regions where personnel are traveling and working and prepares them to react effectively in an emergency. The training provides this context and advice by means of in-person briefings and follow up; written materials upon request. The briefings can be formatted for a length of 1-2 hours, half-day, or full-day seminars, depending on areas of operation, size of audience, and length of Q&As.

Principles of Personal Security

  • Preparation / Awareness / Low profile / Unpredictable Routine / Communications / Layered Protection
  • Documents / Luggage and  clothing
  • On assignment / Getting there / Driving around town / Security escorts (higher risk countries) / Security of accommodation
  • Avoiding crime around town
  • A word on terrorism

Incident Management, Should Things Go Wrong

  • Principles of Avoid / Escape / Confront
  • Examples on (risk and country dependent): Road accidents / Street crime / Car Jacking / IED threat or explosion / Shooting / Civil unrest / Kidnapping

Timeframe and Deliverables

The deliverable of this task consists of the 3-4 hour in-person briefing which will be provided to the client, in addition to a brief follow-up by phone or email as requested. It will be delivered on a mutually convenient date at a location to be determined by the client.