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Sea Dogs and Swashbucklers Welcome!


index06Do you enjoy adventurous voyages on the open seas? Do you appreciate a nice swig of Rum? Are you constantly in search of buried treasure? Do you currently sport a black beard?

If so, you might want to check out the annual Pirates Week festival! The festival hoists anchor in the Cayman Islands for ten days, from November 6th until November 16th, and is kicked off with a steel pan competition and a party boisterous enough to shake the barnacles off any boat! Festival events include a mock pirate invasion (or could it be real?), and the Street Dance and Food Festival, which serves up much more than just rum and gruel.

The mock pirate invasion is a favorite among families. Two ships, crewed by chivalrous pirates, land in the George Town Harbor and from there, invade the town while also capturing the governor. Other notable events include a parade, a 5k race, a children’s’ pirate costume competition, as well as boat races.

For more information about the festival and how to join one of the pirate crews currently operating in the Caribbean waters head to: http://www.piratesweekfestival.com/