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Millennial Culture Wars: Out with the New, In with the Newer


Generation Y . . . Millennials . . . Boomerang Generation . . . Internet Generation . . .

These are a few nicknames used to describe the ever-popular generation, anyone born roughly between the years 1980-2000. Stereotypes abound, with the group being thought of as narcissistic, entitled, powerful multitaskers yet unable to commit, and ultimately lazy. How true these ideas are would truly depend on the individual, but it is certain that Millennials differ widely from generations before them. One of the biggest differences is how they are both interacting with, and greatly affecting, global culture.

millennials culture

Gone are the days when a person would need to write a handwritten letter, use a paper map, memorize a phone number, or simply look up an answer to a question in a book (thanks Google). Instead, everyone has adapted to life through their smart phones and computers.  Millennials have connected through technology since their teenage years or earlier —from email to instant messaging to video chatting, the possibilities continue to grow.

This easy access to information, culture and society from all parts of the world at any time through so many different mediums greatly influences and changes how culture evolves and what it contains. News spreads at such a rapid pace now through Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and more that there is hardly any time to digest or reflect on the information before the general consensus has been given and new information takes its place.

Globally, millennials are borrowing from each other as Millennials Culturewell. Issues span the spectrum: From business work ethic to gender and equality to simple ideas of cuisine.  For example: youth in Asia increasingly take an “open” concept in daily life which they believe comes from the West, while the West seems to adapt trends from Europe and blended work/education/life style from Asia.

CAI seeks to be on the forefront of cultural changes, always adapting our business style and services to reflect the current ideologies. As such, we understand the influence new generations will continue to have on intercultural communication and are consistently striving to implement new standards of cultural awareness. Follow along with us as we continue to explore the ever-changing cultural landscape—via millennials or otherwise.

Millennials culture