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Driver’s License Rule Change

Driver’s License Rule Change

In New Jersey, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) locations are now accepting driver’s licenses from China as long as they are translated into English. Under the old system, an expat from China would have to take and pass a written test and a road test before receiving an American driver’s license. Now, a Chinese expat or long-term visitor only needs to pass the written test and is no longer required to take a road test anymore.

The old system of taking a written test and a road test has always been challenging for Destination Service Consultants in New Jersey. The new system will make it much easier for Destination Service Consultants working with Chinese expats who want to drive in the New Jersey area.

Please note, it is still recommended for Chinese expats and long-term visitors to check about driving lessons if they do not feel comfortable driving in the United States.



Contributed by CAI‘s Bernardo Martinez