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What is the Eurovision Song Contest


This Saturday, 10 May 2014 many people throughout the world will be paying close attention to the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 Grand Final.  The Eurovision Song Contest is essentially a European competition where participating countries each enter one musical act to represent their country.  This contest, established in 1956, predates American Idol, Pop Idol, and even Popstars.  Winners are selected through a combination of jury and votes from viewers.  Some of the more notable past winners of Eurovision include Celine Dion and ABBA.

The competition is a series of three live shows.  The first semi-final which aired Tuesday, May 6th, the second semi-final which will air tonight and the Grand Final this weekend.  Due to the variety of countries participating, the contest itself has often reverberated political undertones while the songs and performances themselves range in style and pageantry. No surprise that this year much attention is being paid to both the Russian and Ukrainian performances.

This contest highlights how even the cultural differences that divide us can also unite us.  We hope everyone gets the opportunity to tune in and watch the beauty of cultures coming together.