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Virtual and E-Learning Training Solutions

The following sessions are available online and recommended to ensure application of cultural competency and skills.

Virtual Training Programs

Due to the current health situation, CAI can offer intercultural training participants the option to conduct their training program virtually. Participants will still receive a comprehensive program with their designated local facilitator, along with customized training materials. Virtual programs can be arranged with our Global Assignment Coordinators, and are typically conducted in three-hour modules, that can be scheduled for morning, noon or night! This virtual training option will allow participants to receive their training from the comfort and safety of their own home.

Cultural Support

A two-hour phone briefing with one of CAI senior professional intercultural facilitators. The Cultural Support will provide short term assignees with an overview of the host country and its culture. The information discussed will not only assist assignees in making a smooth transition into their new assignment but also provide some background and tips for working successfully. Briefings are scheduled according to assignees preferred time frame. The briefing also includes foundational components on culture to build a framework as well as country specific information.


CAI offers a condensed sessions via webinars for those on short term assignment, business travelers or those on a limited budget. The webinar is customized and may address how cultural differences impact work styles and communication when living and/or working with their host colleagues and team members. The webinar also includes foundational components on culture to build a framework as well as country specific information. Participants will identify some tips and tools to communicate and work more effectively.

On-Line Country Specific Profile and Tool

A country specific training course which consists of a comprehensive culturally-based country profile. Individuals will be able to build their own cultural profile, learn about the 8 dimensions of culture with explanations and examples, learn key facts about their new host country, explore local customs, home life, gift giving, greetings and much more. Participants will be able to mentally prepare for life abroad, cultural adjustment and create a customized checklist of activities and tasks you need to complete before you expatriate and repatriate.

Cultural Awareness Training Tool

An innovative, self-guided, learning platform where users develop awareness and skills to communicate and work with people from different cultural backgrounds. This complete interactive course that teaches what culture is, where it comes from and how to successfully navigate today’s global business environment. After participants complete this tool, they can then participate in one of the country specific online working series.

Assessment Tools

The following assessment tools are recommended for key stakeholders.

  1. ON-LINE ASSESSMENT TOOL: The Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) statistically measures cultural competence. This online assessment tool is ideal for key stakeholders or executives who would like to identify their individual strengths and learn what is needed to further accomplish their professional goals. The assessment, which is provided on line and is administered by one of a CAI’s IDI certified facilitators, is followed by a coaching and skill development session. (Minimum of two hours).
  2. Cross-cultural Adaptability Inventory (CCAI): The CCAI is a validated personal skill assessment tool on effectively interacting with people from different cultures. It includes: Assessing information about key areas impacting the ability to manage cross-cultural interaction, including:

– Emotional Resilience
– Flexibility/Openness
– Perceptual Acuity
– Personal Autonomy

A readiness for cross-cultural communication and relationship building

An Action Planning Guide that helps employees achieve their cross-cultural business objectives

Available on-line or paper/pen version

CAI is always developing more online solutions for clients. Please contact us for a comprehensive list of online offerings.