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Intercultural Training

Global Effectiveness: Cross-Cultural Training and Management

Global competency, the ability to navigate cross-cultural differences to communicate successfully, is a fundamental element of international business success. All aspects of business, including relationship building and problem-solving, are impacted by culture. Cross-Cultural Training has become a standard component in the talent management and development strategies of many leading organizations. Understanding different cultural interactions and business styles strengthens team cohesiveness and effectiveness across all corporate functions from sales to procurement, technology, and support services. In the rapidly expanding and changing global marketplace, business leaders are being asked to do more with less support, preparation, time and resources.

CAI helps current and future leaders to be more effective in:

  • working effectively within a multicultural team
  • forming and leading global and virtual teams
  • relocating and transitioning to new countries and cultures
  • recognizing and developing global leadership potential

Unlike other larger firms, CAI’s highly experienced experts work closely with key stakeholders, sponsors and personnel to recognize their most urgent needs and then create customized solutions, which might range from:

  • a half-day, highly personalized “Leading across Borders” coaching session for a harried executive in a business lounge at Buenos Aires’ airport
  • a one-day “Doing Business with India” training course for a group of 25 Boston-based software engineers, who are constantly exchanging e-mails and phone calls with their colleagues in Bangalore
  • a two-day “Living and Working in Scotland” orientation program for a middle manager and her family of four, relocating from Perth, Australia to Perth, Scotland
  • a three-day “Global Synergy” interactive workshop for an eight-nation project team that is meeting for the first and only time in Shanghai

CAI’s customized training programs can be delivered face-to-face or virtually.

Program offerings may include:

Cultural Awareness International offers various intercultural programs ranging from a half day to two days in length, available to employees and their families moving and working abroad.

At CAI, services are designed to target the needs of the corporation, expatriate and family while on assignment. Our value proposition is to provide employees with the critical support they need in order to transition smoothly into their new country productively.

For additional topics or more information on our customized programs, please contact us.

CAI offers the “Cultures Without Borders” series of highly customized and dynamic business briefings, coaching and training programs for individuals and groups who are involved in multi-cultural or global teams. These interactive sessions are designed to help individuals who may be working and communicating with multi-cultural colleagues, partners or suppliers.

Sample program topics may include:

  • Cultural Differences: Understanding [specific Region]
  • The Global Workplace: Working And Communicating Effectively In [specific Country]
  • Virtual Team Management
  • Negotiating Without Borders, Etc.

For additional topics or more information on our customized programs, please contact us.

CAI designed Coming Home programs to mitigate the challenges of repatriating from an international assignment. The program focuses on helping individuals and families adjust to the realities of re-entry and to manage the confusion and anxiety that can be experienced upon resettlement.

Corporate/Employee Benefits:

  • Reduces productivity loss that often occurs with repatriation
  • Harnesses international expertise learned on assignment
  • Allows employees and family members a platform to feel more comfortable and productive upon re-entry

For additional topics or more information on our customized programs, please contact us.

Executive Coaching: A program designed for executive level managers/leaders who are working in a global capacity. Topics may include defining global leadership and its key attributes, assessing the critical factors leading to team effectiveness, managing conflict appropriately within the cultural context and multicultural coaching. Participants will develop action plans to enhance the attributes, skills, and competencies that will allow them to succeed as a global leader (Additional living component available).

Corporate/Employee Benefits:

  • Allows executives with key global business roles to work one-on-one with an experienced intercultural coach to target specific challenges and obstacles.
  • Identify and resolve the cultural differences that impact successful project completion.
  • Maximize corporate goals and objectives.

Just-in-time Coaching: Cultural competency development is a process not an event. Individual team members and key stakeholders/team leaders may need on-going support in order to build a repertoire of skills and solutions for addressing cross-cultural business challenges as they arise. CAI recommends coaching for those individuals who are team leaders requiring additional developmental support, or those grappling with critical project challenges that may adversely impact success.

For additional topics or more information on our customized programs, please contact us.