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Corporate Language Training

CAI Trains in Any Language and Any Country

As our world becomes increasingly interconnected and as talent moves globally, high-quality specialized language training is central to your company’s success. Language acquisition is part of global leadership, by improving decision-making abilities, building stronger connections to an international workforce, and broadening career potential. Lessons can be one-on-one or in a group setting.

In addition to Language Training, educating on the differences between cultures is critical to the successful integration of employees to the corporate workforce. Pairing corporate language training with cross-cultural training works well for many of our clients. For information on cross-cultural training, click here.

Customized Curriculum Options

  • Traditional / Standard
  • Immersion
  • Accent Reduction

Group Corporate Language Instruction Options

Instructor-Led Group Training

CAI recommends group training for companies with multiple target languages working across diverse, cross-functional teams. Lessons are delivered in person by multiple instructors in classes divided by skill level and target language. This option is the most efficient for meeting large corporations’ objectives.

Individual Corporate Language Instruction Options

Face-To-Face, Instructor-Led Training

CAI recommends face-to-face language training to effectively and efficiently meet your corporate language needs. Training is delivered by carefully vetted instructors at the location chosen by the client.

Virtual, Instructor-Led Training

This training option is perfect for the employee who is working remotely or whose schedule is variable. Instruction is delivered in real-time via Skype or similar technology.

Corporate Language Training Process

  1. Define goals and objectives of the corporate client.
  2. Select highly-qualified instructor to conduct lessons.
  3. Carefully evaluate each student using universally-accepted metrics to determine current skill level.
  4. Develop schedule to meet the student’s and client’s criteria.
  5. Organize students by skill level for group trainings.
  6. Provide language training per client parameters.
  7. Collect feedback from students and instructors after each lesson.
  8. Perform final evaluation after completion of instruction.


“My teacher was very talented and helpful. He took my preferences and needs into consideration. I am planning to extend my language training and I would be very happy to continue with the same instructor.”

“Being a professor that teaches a new language to adults is hard, and when the student is living in a foreign country, it demands a lot more that only the capacity to communicate among each other. From my perspective, it is really necessary to know a bit more the student (n a personal level) to identify what drives the student and the student’s situation so the teaching tools could be adapted to each case. I strongly believe that my instructor is great doing both. For me, she is a complete package and provides the knowledge and the appropriate methods for teaching each student.”

Instructors are selected based on the following criteria:

  • At least 2 years of language training experience
  • Preference is given to teachers with a degree in linguistics
  • A native or fluent speaker in the target language
  • Experience in instructing groups

Click below to view sample instructor bios:

CAI has 30 years of experience conducting cross cultural training for any culture in any language.