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Language Services

Language Services: We Can Train in Any Country and for Any Language

As our world increasingly becomes more interconnected and as talent moves globally it is crucial to include language training as part of increased cultural awareness. Clear, effective communication is essential, and sustainable language skills are part and parcel of cross-cultural training and communication. Of course, the benefits of foreign language knowledge extend beyond the works sphere, empowering employees and their families to smoothly transition into their new home city wherever or whichever language that may be. Our highly qualified instructors are flexible about the location, day of the week, and hours of instruction. We also offer options for instruction to take place 1-on-1, in a small group, or via remote access.

CAI offers the following language services:

Face-To-Face Training

We provide language courses wherever our clients are, to families, partners, children, individuals, and small groups in any location chosen by the student.

Online Private Course

CAI offers affordable online solutions, which can be combined with face-to-face training. Personal courses via an online platform so classes can continue any place and any time.


Our ESL classes improve students’ abilities to communicate in all aspects of language:

  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Writing

Enhance your English language skills to communicate effectively at work and beyond!

Accent Reduction

Personalized accent reduction benefits any diverse workforce to speak English with clearness and precision, helping to minimize communication barriers.

We create a supportive, collaborative learning environment, where students learn in a comfortable and inspiring setting. With our personalized approach, students can learn at their own pace. We customize each of our programs to the needs of the individual following a detailed initial needs assessment.