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Repatriation / Resettlement

Coming Home™ Program

The repatriation process is one of the most unexpected and yet widely underestimated and unrecognized challenges faced by expatriates and their families. CAI’s customized and personalized repatriation services provide ‘just the right’ amount of support to ensure the family are not overwhelmed. Whether returning to the family home or finding a new home; connecting the utilities, phone and data lines; finding new schools, doctors, dentists, bank, renewing driver’s licenses, social security etc., CAI’s seasoned consultants will assist as needed while providing guidance and support as the family integrate back into the community.

Corporate/Employee Benefits:

  • Family settle quickly and smoothly
  • Employee concentrates on work knowing their family is receiving valuable support
  • Promotes a successful positive return for all
  • Reduces employee attrition and overall family stress during the transition

Repatriation Cultural Support

This 2-hour skype session provides a high-level overview of the key issues to address during repatriation. The assignee is connected to one of our expert facilitators who would address any questions or concerns about their upcoming repatriation, while reviewing their objectives and offering guidance on ways to mitigate reverse culture shock and any challenges that may not be anticipated.

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