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White Paper: Mitigating Expat Risk

Navigating international assignments are undeniably complex. A myriad of inherent risk factors impacts each assignee and their spouse/family uniquely. Across industries and international destinations, there are specific strategies that mobility professionals incorporate to mitigate risk, enhance performance, and maximize the business objectives.

This white paper details best practices global mobility can incorporate to ensure the best outcomes for their global talent. Addressing the intricacies and risks associated with international assignments mitigates assignees ‘brownout,’ as well as voluntary and involuntary assignment failure. Professionals involved in the industry know the high cost associated with relocating talent; re-conceptualizing candidate selection, preparation, and support while on assignment is the best path for ultimate effectiveness. CAI’s whitepaper holistically considers the whole lifecycle of the assignment, including the often-neglected repatriation process, so that corporations can retain the international talent in which they invested.

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