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Repatriation: Challenges Faced when Coming Home

Imagine going abroad to live in an unfamiliar place then coming back home to a similar unfamiliarity. Unfortunately, this is a reality for many expatriates. There is a popular misconception about expatriates coming home in that everything will be fine and everything will be like it used to be. Expats often expect to return to …


Coming Home: 3 Perspectives to Keep in Mind for the Expat Holiday

As the holidays are fast approaching, many expats across the world are gearing up for vacation, with many of them planning trips home. For some, “home” can mean a variety of things and can seem a bit arbitrary, depending on how long an assignment abroad has been and what culture one relates to more.  A …


Repatriation: Common Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Everyone expects expats to have an adjustment period when moving to a new host country, but what about when they return home?  Most expatriates underestimate the potential challenges to readjusting to life in their home country after an international assignment.  However, studies have shown that repatriation is often the most challenging phase of an expatriate …