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reverse culture shock

Reverse Culture Shock: What to Expect

Unusual sights and smells; people rushing to places unknown; new technology, and communication you don’t quite understand—and people who don’t quite understand you. This isn’t the scenario of an experience abroad, but instead of a coming home.  Returning after a time in a different country and culture can lead to feelings of isolation, confusion, malaise, …


Millennial Culture Wars: Out with the New, In with the Newer

Generation Y . . . Millennials . . . Boomerang Generation . . . Internet Generation . . . These are a few nicknames used to describe the ever-popular generation, anyone born roughly between the years 1980-2000. Stereotypes abound, with the group being thought of as narcissistic, entitled, powerful multitaskers yet unable to commit, and ultimately lazy. How true …

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